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Our Story

Our Company stands tall and strong with its flag brand HELLO. Our slogan, "Say Hello to Quality" are words we keep close to our hearts, a strong reminder of how we highly

value the quality of our products.


Hello’s products cover a variety of food and condiment staples that are found in kitchens, pantries and tables all over the world.

Primarily, we produce high quality jams & marmalades, fruit preserves, tomato pastes, ketchup, sauces for steak, pizza &

spaghetti, vinegar and mayonnaise, for which there is a burgeoning global demand.

Tomato paste pure, about hello company


Our Values

People First

In Bahrani Group we believe that people are the most important asset at the company that’s why improving employee efficiency and performance and maintaining a healthy work environment is one of our top priorities.


We believe that you empower people by trusting them that’s why in the Bahrani Group we trust our colleagues and encourage them to make decisions that benefit our customers, business partners and our companies.



Bahrani Group values transparency that’s why we built aculture of transparency and collaboration with our employees internally and with our clients and customers externally.


We treat our employees fairly regardless of sex or race, we believe in equality and fair chances. 


We are truthful, honest and direct in all of our communications.



We work together as one family to achieve our goals. We are proud to have each and every member in our company.


Be Different

We strive to exceed our employees and clients expectations we offer a unique special culture that makes us stand out from the crowd.



We strive to perform at an excellence in what we do. We are committed to deliver the highest product possible.


Proactive and meticulous in meeting the needs and expectations of the company's customers and using capabilities and resources effectively.


The HORECA Section of the Gulf Food Products Company was established in the nineties.

Our strength and influence come from decades of business experience in the Jordanian & Iraq markets, and on our key brands’ well-deserved reputation that has enabled us to confidently expand our services in the HORECA sector. We’ve established strong business to business relationship with many

food service sectors including retail, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and more.

Say Hello to Quality

Our R&D team continuously strives to introduce new high quality products. We apply a rigorous, strict, quality management system where every single production batch is inspected and tested in our laboratories. In addition, our QA/QC experts monitor and

randomly inspect production cycles, raw and packaging materials and finished goods to

ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Rest easy, knowing every last bottle of ketchup has been tested and held to such a high standard.

How It’s Made

Our state-of-the-art production facilities and technologies enable us the flexibility to

satisfy the standards of the global market.

All of our products are carefully manufactured to fulfill the requirements of modern trade, wholesale, retail stores, key accounts, catering, food service and HORECA.

 Hello Supplier

Along with our main brands, we also produce private label requirements for well-known food brands around the world.

We are proud of being a primary supplier for the Jordanian Armed Forces, Qatari Armed Forces, the Military Consumer Establishment, Civil Consumer Establishment, Kuwaiti Co-Operatives, and many other hospitals and international hotels.

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